The Tayto Craft Collective is back!

At Tayto we truly appreciate the Craft that goes into making something by hand. The skill and passion that goes into every individual piece, and the amazing diversity of talent that exists among Northern Ireland’s Craft community.

We are delighted to bring back our Tayto Craft Collective for 2022 - designed to support those involved in creating amazing craft products from cakes to candles, pots to paintings, bread to baskets, scarves to sculptures, jam to jewellery, and so on - you get the idea!

We have 5 x £1000 grants to invest in 5 local craft projects. You are eligible to apply if:

  • You’re based in Northern Ireland

  • You have a CRAFT enterprise: you make and

    sell hand-made craft items (see full terms)

  • Your enterprise does not involve more than

    5 employees or paid individuals

  • A £1000 Craft grant could make a REAL

   difference to your craft enterprise